About Loaves & Fishes:

Loaves & Fishes is a cooperative ministry of churches, organizations, and individuals in the Paso Robles area responding to the crisis needs of persons seeking help.

Loaves & Fishes is a Christian ministry treating every person with the dignity of being created and loved by God.This ministry provides emergency food and other services for transients, homeless and residents in crisis.  We also serve as a clearinghouse, referring clients to churches and other appropriate agencies where they might receive the help they need.

Our name, Loaves & Fishes is taken from the biblical event of Jesus feeding the multitude of people through a miracle of one boy offering Jesus what he had in the way of food… five small loaves of bread and two fish.  As Jesus took this lunch and gave thanks to God, the loaves and fishes were multiplied to such an extent that over 5,000 people were feed, with twelve baskets of food left over!

We believe God still works miracles. When we take food and other resources given to us, and offer our thanks to God, we find that we are able to respond to the emergency needs of most of those who come to us for help.  Through Loaves & Fishes, God has provided for the needs of thousands of people.

What emergency assistance does Loaves & Fishes offer?

We provide our clients with food, counseling and compassion.  When we are able, we offer assistance in providing or locating a variety of other emergency needs, such as shelter, clothing, household items, medical attention, utilities and transportation.  This is usually accomplished through referring our client to other appropriate agencies.

How is Loaves & Fishes organized?

An Assembly composed of two representatives from each of the participating churches governs the nonprofit organization, Loaves & Fishes. A President, elected annually, presides over an Executive board that meets monthly.

How is the daily mission accomplished?

This ministry is dependent on the many hours of work given by a superb group of faithful volunteers.  They interview and counsel clients, stock and distribute food, and perform a number of other tasks, always with a smile and a kind word for everyone they meet.

CHILDRENS PLAY AREA - WAITING ROOM SmallerWhat is the history of Loaves & Fishes?

A walk-in center was opened in April 1983 in the Parish Hall of St. James Episcopal Church of Paso Robles. We used this facility until February 1991, then we moved to the City Annex building at 910 Park St. When the city needed the site in 1999, we moved temporarily to the First United Methodist Church Youth Cottage and the rectory of St. James.  In July of 2001 we moved into our current location, built by the community for Loaves & Fishes, on land owned by the Weyrich Family.